If you've got here, the chances are that you've seen wuggy.org as the apparent sender of spam email. Unfortunately, the email certainly wasn't sent by me!

Virtually all malicious mass-emailers (whether it's spam, a phishing attempt, or some kind of virus trying to propogate itself) forge the address of the sender. Typically, they will use real domain names, pretty much at random. One of the domain names that is occasionally used is this one: wuggy.org

I get an awful lot of junk emails through what's called 'backscatter spam'. When spam email, forged to be from here, is sent to an email address which doesn't exist, is already full or has an auto-responder saying that Joe Smith is on holiday, an email is sent back to me! I typically get around 10,000 junk emails a day with about half of it being backscatter spam, the rest regular spam, and a couple of dozen complaints asking me to stop spamming.